How to play the piano? By learning to play a piece, and another piece, and another piece...

And let your AHA moments enrich each piece, all pieces, daily life, whole life...

If you are like me - an adult (re)starter, a piano teacher, or a piano lover in general; you might find some of my videos and study notes useful.

I've made them to help myself, my students, and others in our piano/music study.


How to approach learning J.S. Bach's Prelude in Cm, BWV 999? - A personal study note in a pdf file

Do you play the piano and sometimes wonder how to play Bach on the piano? How fast, how slow? Staccato or legato? With pedal or not? Is the harmony and structure a kind of confusing?

Well, I did. I do. And in this study note, I'll share some of my personal searches and discoveries through studying this piece. The principles are to be applied to other pieces as well.

It's also an ode to everything which makes music-making possible which is quite an endless list to be thankful for.

The study note comes in the form of a PDF file with hyperlinks. It will be e-mailed to you.